Electronic Mail, E-Mail, or simply just Mail is a means of sending mail from one E-Mail adress to another. To send an e-mail, click the Write icon on the AOL top interface. To read your emails, click the "Read" icon. Next to the Read icon, you will notice a subscripted, red, number. This number indicates how much mail you have. This doesn't include mail you have already read. Note: You can send mail to others that don't use AOL, also.

Reading MailEdit

Read icon

When you read your mail, a new window pops up showing you a list of your mail. You can read, save, keep mail as new, Report Spam, and delete mail.

Writing MailEdit

Write icon

To write mail, click the write icon. Then, click the send button when you are finished.

Reporting spamEdit

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Whenever you get repeated junk mail from the same or related E-mail adresses, simply click the "Report spam" button and fill out the form.

Deleting mailEdit

If you want to delete mail you have received, click the mail you don't want, then click the delete button. This will send the mail to the recently deleted folder. After awhile, the mail here will disappear to prevent clogging. To make sure you have deleted your mail completely, go to this folder, and click the delete button.

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