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America Online/AOL is an ISP (Internet Service Provider), used by over 30 million people. It features AOL Autos, CityGuide, Finance, Food, Games, Health & Diet, Horoscopes, Jobs, Love at AOL, MapQuest, Movies, Music, News, People, Pictures, Real Estate, Shopping, Sports, Television, Travel, and AOL Yellow Pages. The latest AOL version is "AOL 9.0 Optimized SE" featuring AOL TopSpeed. Today verison is America Online 9.7 version.

The America Online program's first version was first started in 1993 with buttons in toolbar and the commerical in 1995 before the verison 4.0 was relased. The version 4.0 was finally relased in 1996, look like the 6.0 version. The 5.0 version in 1998 was relased, look same as the 4.0 and 6.0 version. The verison 6.0 relased in 2000 with a commercial, with new layout like 4.0 and 5.0 version. In 2001, it was the 7.0 version of America Online, the toolbar was new and not the same like 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 version. The 8.0 version was made in 2003, same like the 7.0 version. AOL 9.0 CE, VR, and SE was made in 2004 and the AOL 9.5 was relased in 2007 when SmarterChild was made by Windows Live Agents in Microsoft. AOL 9.6 was relased in 2009 with a new toolbar.

Versions Edit

The Permere Version Of AOL 1.0 Was Relsed in 1989 For The Apple Macintosh And Later Had A MS-DOS And Windows Versions.


AOL has an interface before you login, after you login, and has one when you logout.

Before you loginEdit

AOL Pre-Login

The Pre-login interface.

Before you login, you must sign up to AOL to have an account. Once you have done that, you must provide your username and password to login. If you want to use AOL on another computer, then you click the the Guest function on the Username drop-down list.

For GuestsEdit

If you are a Guest on the computer and you followed the above steps, you may notice that when you login to AOL, the password function disappears. This is normal. Simply click login and provide your username and password at the last screen and you'll log in on an alien computer.

After you loginEdit

When you are logged in, you will receive the normal interface accoriding to the skin you have chosen.

AOL Logged Interface

The interface you have when you are logged in.

AOL Top Interface

The top portion of the AOL Interface.

Top InterfaceEdit

The Top portion of the AOL Interface goes as follows:


  • File
    • New
      • Text Document
      • Web Window
      • E-mail Message
      • Instant Message
    • Open...
    • Open My Picture Finder
    • Open CD/Media Player
    • Save
    • Save As...
    • Print
    • Print Preview
    • Print Setup
    • Mail Saved on My PC (Filing Cabinet)
    • Download Manager
    • Log Manager
    • Exit


  • Edit
    • Undo
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Select All
    • Clear Toolbar History
    • Spell Check
    • Dictionary
    • Thesaurus
    • Find in Top Window
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